Another free music marketing plan....

Free Music Marketing Tip #2: 🎤🎸🥁🔥🔥🔥

1) After finishing and completing your album, find a young child of the "Make-A-Wish" variety. Teach him to play guitar and sing along to the songs you have recorded.

2) Legally Adopt said child.

3) Record a low quality music video of the child singing your songs. Post it to Youtube as an original cover by a dying child and post to relevant Mom and Miracle facebook groups.

4) Rack up the view and share count as millions of moms see the last musical efforts of a dying child and share it to oblivion.

5) Get a spot on local news as the "dying boy with a song in his heart". Introduce yourself as his benevolent caretaker and music inspiration and become the 'plus 1'.

6) The time has come, unfortunately, for the child to fake their death and hide out the rest of their days in the Maine Wilderness. Give them all the supplies and make sure to keep an open account that they can access for continued pay offs for the rest of their life. (Don't worry, you'll be making enough money soon.) Publicize the death of the child in as tragic a way as possible. Make sure the local news and everyone who was involved in previously pick up the story and repost the original video to the groups again with the update.

7) Follow up with your acoustic single cover of the child's song (that you originally wrote) in homage to the death of the child. Hit the local news saying you found their unfinished song book and in their memory you will be producing them all in an album, coming to stores near you soon. Post it to the same mom and miracle groups and follow up with the local news.

8) Enjoy your time on Ellen, Oprah, Today and other day time talk shows who will be fawning over you. With this notoriety you can open for many larger acts who want to be seen as more socially aware... like Imagine Dragons... Don't forget to pay off the child!

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A free music marketing plan....

Free music Marketing Tip:

1) When coming out with an album, once recording is done, have a falling out with your lead guitarist over who wrote the songs. Have him cover the song in a crappy acoustic way and put it out.

2) Create a public spectacle of it on social media to generate as many clicks as possible and spread the word. Create private messages of him admitting fault and laughing about it.

3) Call Judge Judy (or really any of them) saying you need a copywrite claim resolved as he stole your song and owes monetary compensation under $5k. Sensationalize the story as much as possible, bringing in the public spectacle, taunting etc.. Really play it up, you're rockstars after all....

4) Once you go to court, create a funny and humorous court case where you joke and enjoy the public spectacle. Also request the song to be played and continuously name drop the band and song.

5) Win the court case by a land slide and get $5k for showing up plus your monetary damages. Weirdly make up with the guitar player after the case and enjoy your free trip to LA.

6) Enjoy the publicity your song and band being on Basic cable and on a highly popular show with instant clip-ability brings. All of this with your band name, Single and celebrity/network endorsements.

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